In this age of information overload and overcrowded inboxes how many touches does it take for a prospect to agree to a meeting? Is it two, five, ten…? The latest research says it’s anywhere from eight to eighteen! However, 90% of sales reps give up after only five touch points,Read More →

Do You Know Your Prospect’s DISC & How It Can Help You Sell Smarter with Frank Gustafson

Welcome to the Selling Smarter Show, a video show for business owners and sales pros looking to sell smarter using LinkedIn. Powered by RevGrow. In this episode, we sit down with Frank Gustafson, CEO of Sandler Training by Strategic Training Partners, Inc. Frank dives into what DISC actually is, theRead More →

With personal branding becoming as important as company branding, establishing yourself as an expert has become an essential element of your company’s marketing strategy. Creating LinkedIn articles to promote your personal brand can be a way to establish thought leadership and create brand awareness with a potentially larger audience. WhyRead More →

How To Use #Hashtags To Boost Your LinkedIn Content

While hashtags are quite popular on other social media sites, LinkedIn only incorporated them into its platform in the last couple of years. While this might seem like a “bandwagon” move, it is actually a smart one. As the only B2B social platform with over 500 million users, adding aRead More →

What Problem Do You Solve?

Article Written by RevGrow’s Amanda Beasley When does someone need your solution? When they have a problem. You may have the best product or service, but if you don’t show how it solves someone’s problem, they will never be compelled to buy. In an earlier post, we discussed how eachRead More →